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No quilting organizing, but a lot of home organizing. I will be having three family members in my home for the holiday. This is rare, They have not been to my home in about 4 years. Therefore, I am cleaning and if I am cleaning, I might just as well dump the junk. So room by room drawer by drawer and shelf by shelf I have been straightening up and tossing out "stuff". Purging extra pens and pencils, old business cards from before I retired and cleaning the corners that get passed over. Today I discovered I had two jugs of bleach and two of vinegar. What? Why? combined to save space and reorganized the utility room shelves of extra paper goods, cleaning supplies, and all of those little household fix it supplies. Looks better, feels better and now I can find a spare light bulb or extension cord or the bottle of Retane. Now I have three more rooms to go before guests arrive tomorrow. Side benefit is that the rooms will be clean and ready for Christmas decorating! Ta-Da a twofer!
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