Rules are a buzzkill, we know. BUT there are a few things we all need to know and understand ahead of time so we can have as much fun as possible when we quilt along with our BOM buddies. So ... here they are.

1. All registered and active members of the board are eligible to request a spot on a "pickers' list".

2. Pickers will be responsible for either a link to existing directions for a block, or for providing directions for the block they've chosen. We all have different skill levels and technique preferences.

When choosing a block, please check copyrights and terms of use set forth by the authors of the instructions. Pickers are strongly encouraged to pick only blocks from the Public Domain and instructions that do not place strict or severe limits on what we can do with the blocks we make using those instructions.

As individual quilters, WE are responsible for making sure we read, understand, and comply with those copyright/terms of use statements.

3. Anyone who sees the list and likes the blocks is invited to make them. However, only registered members of the board will be able to post pictures of the blocks they've made.

4. Pick and make any blocks you like from any lists you like. No matter how long ago a block was picked, you are still invited to post pictures when you make one. Just make sure to post your pics in the pictures thread for that block.

5. There will be two threads for each block. Both of them will be in the BOM section of the board. One thread for directions and discussion, and the other thread for pictures of the finished blocks. For the sake of keeping things sane all other threads will be moved or deleted.

When posting a new BOM, please make sure to use the appropriate titles, such as:
"October 1, 2007 - Drunkard's Path - Directions & Discussion"
"October 1, 2007 - Drunkard's Path - Photos"

5. If a posted block doesn't interest you, feel free to skip it.

6. Again - You don't have to be a registered member or on the lists to play along. The lists simply tell us which registered members have volunteered to take a turn selecting a block. Any registered board member can volunteer for a turn. Simply send a PM to PatriceJ, who will update the list.

6. Our Block of the Month activities are NOT swaps.

7. Have fun! Quilting is fun and Quilter's Rock!!!!!