Block # 65 Peaceful Hours

Note: This block is a little complex with all the angular pieces---I would seriously consider paper piecing it--for all the purists in this group--good luck.

1. Medium T # 69 Cut a 3-1/2" square or use the template.

2. Light T # 67 Use template.
3. Light T # 67R Use template.

4. Light T # 7 Cut two 2-3/8" squares-*-mark a line diagonally.

5.Medium T # 7 repeat step 4 to * then place one dark and light T # 7 right sides facing and continue to make the HST. By now you should know what that is.

6. Dark T # 66 Use template.
7. Dark T # 66R Use template.

8. Light T # 68 Cut a strip 1-5/8" x 10-1/2" then every 1-5/8" to get six squares then cut the squares in half diagonally.

Refer to book for block assembly.


Block # 66 Periwinkle

This is another block that needs the templates for cutting. It is easy to piece. Just remember to starch your fabric well to keep the bias sides from stretching.