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It's in bad shape but I got it running this morning. The foot controller needs to be rewired & the case is falling apart but I believe it can be refurbished. I took the bottom off of the case as it was falling off anyway. It isn't dry rotted nor warped. I am glad that I could use my foot controller to run the machine. I was thinking of giving it to my DD but I don't think she wants it. She didn't sound like she did anyway. Maybe my DGD might want it. If not, I agree that I can get some good $ for it.

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I bet you are so glad you took those classes on how to work on sewing machines. It has been a real rewarding thing for you to do! I always like a challenge, and it looks like you are getting challenged all the time with these machines!
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I now have lost 45 pounds and my husband just noticed I had lost weight! When I have lost another ten, I will be under 200 for the first time since 1986. I eat a Burrito for breakfast, and then eat a lunch- supper as one meal at 3 pm or so, I snack in-between times and still drink Cherry coke cola all the time. A snack is one hand full of chips, or nuts or whatever to coat my stomach so it does not rub on itself. No diet plan, just am taking it one day at a time. I remind myself I am not working hard anymore, so I don't need a lot of food or calories each day.

I do plan on going back in my quilting room and quilt again after tomorrow, if I get the cleaning and mopping done. I have my house cat, Mega, and someone dropped off a tom kitten for my husband. MR. QNS loves his Tiny kitten who has his own cage now and loves to eat and sleep.

Reading news from all of you is still a fun thing and highly enjoyable. Hope everyone is feeling better now and can enjoy themselves more. Interesting, we are all on a diet and weight loss together...must be all those good recipes we traded around that caused all the weight gain. HA!
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