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    Hi Jodyma,

    I've made several scarf/necklace/cowl thingies like this one:, both for myself and for friends. Super easy to make. Usually I will then seam the two flat edges to make a nice surface for the neckline, but that's optional. Great way to use a skein of really pretty hand-dyed yarn!

    Have fun!

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    Jodyma! Can you give us a better description or a line drawing? Many years ago I made yarn necklaces that were made from 8 or 9 different yarns wrapped around nails, which were in a board approx 30 inches long. The board was about 2 inches wide with four nails - two at the top about 1 1/2 inches apart and 2 at bottom (same distance). You wrapped your yarns around the nails, tied each end with a matching piece of yarn with long ends, I believe that you then doubled it over, put large bead caps on each end and then a clasp of some king. I later changed the clasps to magnetic clasps as they are easier for me.

    If this is similar to what you are looking for PM me and I will show you a photo of the necklaces. I do have to say that they do NOT look crocheted.

    Yolanda Wood River

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