1. Appliquéing a detailed crocheted butterfly question.

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    I am new to appliqué and have done a bit of research on the techniques. My creativity got to going and I thought of crocheting these beautiful butterflies and incorporating them into a quilt. Each will measure 8" wide x 10.5" long, therefore thinking of putting them on the diagonal of a 12" finished block. I am not ready to start this project as of yet, but wanted to do some more research on the "how to's". I have a huge fear that this idea is completely out there on

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  2. Video Moves For Applique!

    by , 02-21-2012 at 06:39 AM
    May seem small to others, but when it takes 15 mins to load a 1 min video, it gets very frustrating after a while! Being I am a visual learner, I use YouTube for my "how to's." We got faster internet installed yesterday, so now it just PLAYS when I click… YEAH!

    With this being said, I have been looking at how to hand appliqué. I see various techniques so I am trying to determine which will work best for me. I see some use freezer paper, some use fusible web, some use ...
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