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    I can understand your feelings for similar reasons.........My daughter just had a little girl on 10/24 due to high risk circumstances. Well, all went find with she and the little girl, but grandma head to their house to take care of the dogs. All was going well with myself and his mother, only to take the dogs outside and when I tried t step off the deck step into the yard I twisted my ankle and fell to the ground. Double fracture to my RIGHT foot......... so no driving, difficulty getting around, not to mention not being able to get downstairs to my sewing room. Lucky for me I have my Bernina upstairs due to a recent class, but my fabrics are mostly downstairs. I may have to send in my other daughter to try to locate something for me to work on. Not to mention my frustration due to the fact I cannot be available to help her due to the fact she had to have a c-section. Oh well, before this is over, my recliner ought to be shot.

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