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    First suggestion is look into what quilt guilds you have in your area and contact them to see if maybe they would be interested in letting you come to a meeting to show/sell your kits.

    Second suggestion is to maybe try out the market online by taking a photo of say 5 unique kits and put them up for sale on or to see what the response is. I know on both that unique pre-selected cut fabrics in a theme or specific look are often what new quilters are looking for, since they want to make a quilt not necessarily take the time or the work of collecting fabrics that coordinate. Etsy is less expensive to list on, and usually you can get a better price on this site.

    The last suggestion is the creation and maintainance of a website online to specifically sell pre-cut fabric sets... but this is something that would require both a lot of time and attention... you could learn easily enough how to build your own site online but unless you wanted to commit yourself to this type of work, I would try the other two suggestions I've made before going this route.

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