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  1. Thanksgiving Mishaps & Progress.

    by , 11-25-2011 at 07:22 PM
    I hope everyone has had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I seemed to have had one kitchen mishap after another (so unlike me). I even had a pie coming fresh out of the oven on the way to the cooling racks go SPLAT. This was after I had gotten the filling all in my hair and on my clothes as I was mixing it. All I could do was laugh it off and make another one. Then I spilt raisins EVERYWHERE! To end the night, I spilt hot candied yams/ the juice all in my refrigerator and on me. For someone who loves ...
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  2. Christmas Gift Ideas?

    by , 11-17-2011 at 05:55 AM
    I'm sure I'm not the only one that has the thought every year, "I'm going to be on top of things next year. I will make gifts throughout the year." The holiday season has popped up out of no where. I don't have the first gift made.

    I have been pondering the thought of using some of my scrap muslin to make some cathedral window Christmas ornaments. The only thing is, I would prefer white and my current stash is cream colored. I figure being that I am working on a quilt ...

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  3. New Washer/Dryer!

    by , 11-15-2011 at 04:57 PM
    I feel like it's Christmas already. The new washer & dryer arrived this evening!
    I normally am not one to gloat or what have you, but I just had to share! I
    have a large family which means lots of laundry. My old set has been on the
    fritz for months. Repairman had been out here literally 8 times. He practically had rebuilt my washer, but yet it still wasn't fixed. I was just about beyond
    patience level by that point.

    Upon closer inspection, I ...

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  4. Quilt Pro... so excited!

    by , 11-14-2011 at 05:07 PM
    Hubby got me Quilt Pro! WhooHoo! Although I have never worked with
    quilting software or even paint, I am so excited to give it a whirl! I use a mac so the other software EQ, I think it's called, is not compatible unless I install
    Parallels. Then I can run both operating systems. Now my creativity can run wild without buying any fabric yet, lol. I know so many who work on multiple
    projects at once, but I'm really wanting to finish one quilt before starting
    another. ...
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  5. Patience Is A Virtue

    by , 11-14-2011 at 07:50 AM
    Just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to all of our moderators, developers,
    and the such. They have their work cut out for them as they work on creating an awesome, revamped community for us to enjoy. Absolutely LOVE the new album feature. Looking forward to the group feature to be up and running,
    once polished. All new technology must get the bugs worked out and the such
    before smooth sailing. They put it out there in advance to find the bugs that
    need tweaked. ...
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