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using this as a third trial for the blog of Annie's Aunties
AKA...KayKay's Marestare...

  1. My Pinwheel disappearing 4 patch using charm packs!!

    by , 10-12-2012 at 08:14 PM (ANNIE's AUNTIES~~~AKA...KayKay's Marestare)
    Quote Originally Posted by Quiltforme View Post
    once you have cut all 4 sides 1 1/4" this is where the dp4 comes in. On the first row take the middle block you have created and turn it 180 degrees. On the second row take the first block and the 3rd block turn 180 degrees. Do the same on the 34d row. You will not touch the corner pieces. Then start on the first row and see next photo

    yeah it worked!!! Ok this is what you end up with after cutting all around now turn all you have to do is turn the pieces and sew together!

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