1. Needing HELP - AGAIN!!!!!

    by , 11-25-2011 at 09:09 AM
    I have gotten myself into trouble (open mouth, etc....), again (or should I say still - this comes along after the first blog question I asked - so this is part II - YA HOOOOO!).
    A friend asked if I could finish an old quilt (mother had finished the top). So friend (ha, ha, ha), asked if I could finish into a quilt or better yet make two lap quilts for the kids. Sounded like a simple task (I should know better), pictures sent to my e-mail - still looked like no problem. NOW comes the PROBLEM!! ...
  2. Have a ? about finishing an OLD quilt top from the 40's!

    by , 11-08-2011 at 07:40 PM
    Hi one and all, I need to do a little brain picking! In other words HELP!!!
    I have made quilts for friends and family. I have even sold a few (didn't make them to sell, but it just worked out that way), but I have been asked to finish a friends mothers quilt (only top finished at this time). This was made back in the 40's, but never finished. I am looking at making two lap quilts out of this one quilt top (friend has two kids and wants to be able to give each one something from the grandmother ...

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