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  1. Winding Ways, Healing Ways

    by , 11-16-2012 at 06:09 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by PaperPrincess View Post
    I made this quilt for a friend who is ill. Got the border fabric on sale, liked it so much I hunted down a couple yards of the green and a yard of the pink. I have the Accucut Winding Ways die which I had used before and thought it would be a good choice. The quilt went together well, but when I was all done I decided it was boring. I think I'm not a 'pastel person'. After a day or so, I decided maybe it wasn't boring, it was soothing. It's off to the recipient this week. Hope she likes it
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  2. A Pinwheel quilt for Linda

    by , 11-14-2012 at 04:26 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by tootsquilts View Post
    I quilted this quilt for a customer in Maryland several month ago, and though you might would enjoy seeing the results of what I did on a on her beautiful Batik Pinwheel quilt top.
    Hope you enjoy
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  3. I'm Not Homeless!

    by , 11-14-2012 at 04:23 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by bubble951 View Post
    Saw this in my newest Fons & Porter, but the puppies looked homeless, so I gave them a pretty red collar and a bright gold dog tag. Made the quilt top a litter larger (20 blocks instead of 12) and of course they are all the same breed!

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  4. Achieving an Accurate 1/4" Seam Allowance

    by , 11-14-2012 at 06:11 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by AndiR View Post
    Someone was having trouble today with her blocks not being the correct size. I'm posting this tutorial to help anyone who is not sure how to tell if they are sewing accurate 1/4 inch seams. If this is hard to read, I have a version here:

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  5. Can you name just one?

    by , 11-14-2012 at 04:56 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by #1piecemaker View Post
    I was just sitting here wondering if anyone has a favorite pattern that they like to use over and over. For me it was the drunkard path. There are so many variations of it and all look different using the same block. I have 2 different ones going now. I also love a variety of patterns and like to try something new all of the time. Hence, I have so many UFO's and projects going. What about you? Do you have one special pattern that you like to make? Or do you think variety is the spice of life?
  6. Retayn in a front loader?

    by , 11-13-2012 at 10:11 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by MaryAnnMc View Post
    Hello, All~ I am very near finishing my first quilt, and I am away from home. When I wash this quilt, it will be in my SIL's front loaer. Can I still use Retayn? And should I throw in some Color Catchers too?

    Thanks so much for the help. Pictures soon.

    Mary Ann
  7. Help Tin Lizzie owners------

    by , 11-04-2012 at 03:48 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruby the Quilter View Post
    I'm so frustrated I'm quilting a quilt and for the first half of the quilt everything went fine. Put a new spool of thread on for the top and now the thread breaks after one or two stitches. I have tried everything I can think of. I have loosened the tension, checked the bobbin, cleaned lint. The thread comes off the tension knob really tight even when I loosen it.
    Any ideas? It is interesting that nearly all of the problems with long arm machines are Tin Lizzie. I hope to finish this
  8. Autumn Leaves Done!!

    by , 11-04-2012 at 07:52 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltingHaven View Post
    I finished her up this morning. I got the fabric in North Carolina when we were traveling in April. I think it looks really good. Designed it, cut it and pieced it. I had a LA do the quilting with leaves pattern and completed the binding by hand this week.
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  9. Super super easy tissue holder

    by , 11-04-2012 at 07:49 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by feffertim View Post
    You can make these in 5 minutes, or less if you chain piece. Great way to use up your scraps.

    cut main fabric 6 1/2 x 5 1/2, lining 7 1/2 x 5 1/2
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    you need two pieces of fabric, one main piece and one for the lining
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    sew 1/4 inch seam along both ends of the 5 1/2 sides, right sides together
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    turn right sides out and press so that
  10. Bargello twisted

    by , 11-04-2012 at 07:39 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by gcathie View Post
    ready to quilt
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