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  1. best fabric glue

    by , 02-10-2013 at 10:10 AM
    Help...I was piecing my late mother's cross stitch into a wedding gift for my neice. I cut the cross stitch fabric a little short and need to add some of the aida cloth back on. I was able to do that with the wonder under, but would like to seal the aida fabric with some fabric glue that won't discolor the fabric. What is the best glue for this? Thanks
  2. String quilt

    by , 02-10-2013 at 06:35 AM
    [QName:  105_1287.jpg
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    I make mine by sewing strips onto flannel squares - quilt as you go method, than when I have enough blocks I back it with whatever fabric I have in stash and make a rag quilt. I do not have a lot of scraps as I cut my fabric everything is evaluated to be either squares or strips, so I have it seperated right away. If you do fair amount of quilting you should have a lot of ...

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