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1/4" foot

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by , 11-04-2011 at 04:07 PM (836 Views)

OMG, I have a Brother machine and love everything about it except the 1/4" issue, altho I've somewhat worked around it. I will definitely try this!


Amy in KY

--- In [email protected] yahoogroups. com, "Vicki" <[email protected] .> wrote:
> I'm going to guess you have either a Babylock or Brother machine. I hate their 1/4" foot because of it's weird design.
> I ended up buying one from Little Foot and these are great because they have markings and are clear.
> If you do have one of these machines, you can use the "J" foot (I think) and just set your width to 5.5. That works perfectly. This was the solution when I complained to Babylock about their stupid design.
> Hope this helps.
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  1. denise8556's Avatar
    I have a babylock and absolutely love it but not a big fan of the 1/4 inch foot either, but I do use it and am gettting used to it.

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