10-min Block Cathedral Window Quilted

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by , 03-04-2013 at 08:42 AM (1371 Views)
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I made this quilt some time ago and just now got up the nerve to quilt it. I use a Janome 1600P on a New Joy Gold Standard frame which doesn't give much room for quilting. Had to roll the quilt about three times for each block.
I used a 4 inch pantograph for the borders, turning the quilt for each of them. I quilted the top border with the panto then free motion quilted the body basting the side borders as I went.
This pictures shows the quilt on the frame with the body quilting ready to be turned to do the bottom border.
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This shows how I basted the borders as I went.
Name:  DSC01876fixed.jpg
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Quilting is done
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quilting detail
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corner showing border and the piece I sewed on for the flang before adding the binding.
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  1. TootsieScott's Avatar
    Great job! Beautiful.
  2. Retired Nurse's Avatar
    Nice. Love the colors.
  3. DEPP's Avatar
    very pretty....actually looks like cathedral windows!
  4. annroe's Avatar
  5. lbc's Avatar
    What a beautiful quilt and you did a wonderful job of quilting it.

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