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by , 11-04-2011 at 08:51 AM (1118 Views)
Until we figure it out, I will create a page when we can't get to page 2. I have been reading and no idea. I'll send a pm to a mod and see.
You can go from page 2 back to one and not up to 2.

I'll go send the question now.
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  1. debbieumphress's Avatar
    This is crazy. Joanieu posted on the old blog and now I have to post to make this go to top again.
  2. Lv2sew2011's Avatar
    Hi Ms. Debbie,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it will be great when everyone figures out the site works, I'm slowly but surly it's getting easier for me each day! But I do know how to get around my computer quite a bit, my only problem with the board now is the background color, it hurts my eyes and gives me headache, other than that I'm fine with the new site! Good luck getting around the board and have a good day!
  3. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Glad to see you here. We will figure it all out soon. I have questions out being answered soon, I hope. At least we are trying. I want to stay here at the QB . SOrry about your eyes. It is bright to me also. We neede a cream color or wear sunglasses. LOL. Can't use my ott light now because it is too bright on here. ANyway we will figure it all out and soon it willbe a memory that we could njot get around.....crossing fingers.
  4. Joanieu's Avatar
    I am so sorry Debbie - I forgot that it will put the old topic on top... I'm BAD... I promise I will try to not let that happen again...
  5. scrappycats's Avatar
    Hey, Debbie, am trying still to figure this all out. What a mess! Sure do miss the other format
  6. BeeNana's Avatar
    Joanie Debbie says all is well....hugs to you.
    We were trying to figures something out.
    I love to see that giggling pup.
  7. QuiltnCowgirl's Avatar
    Hi Debbie!!! *waving at you* (need an icon for waving lol)

    and wearing my sunglasses too!
  8. Andii's Avatar
    Are you guys having problems getting to the second page on blogs too? I thought it was just me.
  9. pab58's Avatar
    Hi Debbie! Just stopping by to say hello and to thank you for stopping by my "blog." Hope you have a great day!!
  10. BeeNana's Avatar
    I thought I would try and send this your way
    I guess it didn't work.
    Hi Andii and Pab
    Updated 11-04-2011 at 11:59 AM by BeeNana
  11. Andii's Avatar
    Hi, BeeNana! I am so confused. It's great to see a familiar face even if I may not be able to find it again. If you see me wandering anywhere dangerous please turn me around! I'm lost.
  12. debbieumphress's Avatar
    I sent a pm to patriceJ and others have had problems getting from page 1 to page 2. She has forwarded this to the powers to be to address for us. I'll post here what I find out. I did figure our you can always post a comment and then it takes you to the current page. Until they fix it. So we have a workaround but that's ok. Everything else is working for me.
  13. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Andii, don't be lost. Treat this new qb just like the old one. You click and search and find your way. To get here, or to anyone's blog, you can click on their boardname, go to the last blog post and click on it and youya re back. Easier than looking thru all the blogs on here that aren't really blogs. They will fix this too. Eventually the real blogs will be on the first page. Just a new format.....
  14. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Scrappy cats.....this too shall pass. LOL. Takes a while but except for the obvious glitches, I am navigating around pretty well. I will be sending you info on our next retreat soon. Then when we went to the Quilt show in Granbury, Me and Acesgame signed up for a free retreat and instead got a half price one for everyone at The Alford Inn in Vanalstine??? I'll let you know when I get the details.

    Hi Quiltingcowgirl.....glad you dropped by. This is like your first few weeks in college.....figuring out which building the classes are in....then you find you way naturally.

    I started an album, which you find under COmmunity, then click on albums and find mine called Doodles Pictures....Then the pictures come up but you have to click on one to have it enlarge and then you can read what it is. Extra steps but ok.
  15. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Beenana and Joanieu - nice talking to you both today. Poor Beenana can't keep my attention. LOL. But we are figuring it out.

    Pab58 - Isn't this fun?
  16. Joanieu's Avatar
    You are so smart!! thanks.. it is kind of slow work wise so I thought I would come see what is happening out here. I only have 2 more hours sitting here waiting for loans, then off all next week.. Yippee!!!! I will talk to you later on... Luv Ya♥
  17. debbieumphress's Avatar
    So glad you are having a weekend break soon. I am sitting here looking arounbd the board. I already visited our friends in the yahoo place. Just more places to go. I even went into chat and no one there.

    Going to look around more and read new rules, etc.
  18. moonwork42029's Avatar
    Each day it is a little better...I think by having on a desk lamp next to the screen it also helps so the screen isn't so bright by its self.

    I'm hoping others don't jump ship...each time we try something new, we help our brains stay active too.
  19. ksea's Avatar
    Hi all, I am still having a difficult time getting around the board but I think it is because I really haven't had a lot of time to see what is what. I try to come here at least once a day and hopefully maybe will have some time to look around this weekend!!
  20. Joanieu's Avatar
    Good evening Ksea - so glad to see you - it isn't as bad - just takes some getting use to.... Well, time to shut down and get dinner started. Hope you have a wonderful weekend... HUGS
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