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15 vs 66 class bobbins page 1285 Vintage machines

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by , 07-08-2011 at 03:25 PM (737 Views)
SerendipiD wrote:
I do have a question about my 15-91...

THe machine was purchased off of Craigslist and came with 2 bobbins - one metal and one plastic. The metal one works perfectly, but the plastic one is a hair too narrow, so it gets stuck in the bobbin winder when the foot presses down. My metal bobbin only has one hole in it and then the notch for the bobbin winder to fit into. The manual states that the machine takes 15 class bobbins, but all of the ones I see for sale have more holes in them than the one I have. Are those still the correct bobbins for this machine? Or do I need to be looking for bobbins with the one hole. Sorry if the question is confusing.


Okay, I couldn't wait until evening. It's my lunchtime; so, I took some pictures since it was faster than trying to figure out where my post is located. Singer Class 66 bobbins have a curve to them while Singer Class 15 bobbins are flat. The newer metal bobbins that are sold don't always work correctly since they are poorly made. They are either warped or the center moves around so that you can't wind them. Plus, some sit higher in the bobbin area, so they will not work well either. Look for vintage metal bobbins since they work! Hope this helps ya!

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