2012-2013 Dear Jane Stickle 2d Cyber Party Pictures and Discussion

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This is the answer I received from EQ software this morning that will explain how to use the DJ chart... [for those who have DJ software and like me, couldnt use it]...

Hello Monica,

I’m sorry you did not see the support topic on our site dealing with this. Here’s more explanation.

Ever since Vista, you may be unable to write to Program Files. (Thus the “permission” issue.) So we need to have you get My Chart from the CD and put it in My Documents.

To do that, you would put the CD in your drive > open My Computer > right-click your CD ROM drive and choose Explore.
Copy the My Block Chart folder > Paste the copy into My Documents.

Now you’ll be able to use the chart: ALL of the directions for My Block Chart will remain the same, except where the Block Chart is. So at this part in the instructions it will read:
You will now replace our images (mya1, mya2, etc.) with your new block images. To do this, look at the Save in: box at the top of the Save as box. If you used the default location when you installed (in other words, you just clicked Next, Next, etc. during installation), then your scan needs to be put in: C:\Program Files\Electric Quilt Company\Dear Jane\Pics\MyChart). If you did not use the default location when you installed, you will need to navigate to the drive and folder that you installed the Dear Jane Program to and save your images there.

- Click the down arrow beside the Save in: box.

- Click on My Documents.

- My Block Chart\PICS\MyChart

- Double-click on My Block Chart
- Double-click on PICS

Click the Save button to replace our blank image space with your new block.

To view your chart, go to My Documents > My Block Chart folder > HTML folder > MyJane folder > double-click on chart.htm
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