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2012-2013 Dear Jane Stickle 2d Cyber Party Pictures and Discussion

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Welcome Jocelyn!!! don't be intimidated and dont worry about being behind [I started this thing - am a week behind today ...then there's tomorrow and taxes... gotta do those too] also - if you have any any fabrics in your stash at all [once you figure out whether you are going bright, batik, repro... I guess that should stay constant] you don't need much per block. In fact, I have a few blocks where I used just barely 1 charm square of 'color' plus the background. Background requires about the same. Some will use 2 charm squares of each. You just have to cut carefully and think things through.

If you want to jump in and catch up, I would start with the easier ones and get a feeling of accomplishment - - A6, A8, B13, C3, C1, B4 B10,

If you enjoy applique - A7 is a piece of cake [if you want it to look more like the original, you should reduce the size of the melons a little - don't be intimidated with reverse applique, it is more forgiving!]; B1 =4EZ reverse app circles [I match the size to Karen Kay Buckley circles to mark outer fabric; I also use those for B2 and B3 - the first has you making two sets of 4patches made out of halfsquare triangles and 'twisting' color before appliqueing on top; B3 - I made a larger 4patch, cut inner circle 1/2" larger in diameter than finished, took an extra 1/2" on the four seams and appliqued the circle on background], B12 - a little more challenging,but not bad. As is A10 - refer to the thatquilt.blogspot for those instructions.

Next do A5 - if you look up the nowaste method for making flying geese [http://www.patchpieces.com/files/flyinggeese.pdf] it will go a bit faster. Do A4

wait a little before doing A11 [refer to post #523 to make it easier], same with B11 - look at instructions on post #804. and A1 - several members -starting with judytheSewer and TymetoShine noticed that the book pattern did not look like the original at all, which was wonkier and drew other patterns - starts with post#200. I wrote a tutorial for A2 on post #684.

hope these pointers help!!!
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