2012 in Quilterland

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by , 01-01-2012 at 10:47 AM (877 Views)
Everyone knows what a UFO is. How many do you have? I have plenty. Three years ago I started working on a marketing team. We developed a new line for independent shops and long armers.

My sewing time was halted. I am not complaining as I do love marketing and I do love the products. I have had the opportunity to meet folks who were not in my cirlcle of instructors and authors. I had been teaching traditional quiltmaking for many years prior to joining the company.

I write this on New Year's Day [my only child-daughter's birthday...] We all proclaim our best intentions on this first day of a new year. Mine is to complete the applique project that I had just begun when I went to work. So far I have located it [ck] I have placed it beside my favorite chair [ck] I have located the needed threads and needles [ck] I have every intention of placing the first stiches in a very long time into this thing while I watch Dallas and the Giants play tonight.

If you go to the AQS site and look for the video clips they share from teachers who were at the Des Moines show this past October, you will see the project as it is today. They have posted a demo of mine on hand needle-turn applique.

There is also one on marking straight lines in preparation for hand quilting. Look at the background to see the workmen come into the room to take down the tables right in the middle of my demo.

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