505 Adhesive

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by , 01-18-2012 at 09:29 AM (456 Views)
I have been reading about 505 Spray and it looks like a great help to me. I mentioned it to my quilt teacher and she is dead set against it. she says it will wreck my sewing machine. Has anyone had this problem?
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  1. karen924's Avatar
    I have had absolutely no problems with it. I wonder why she thinks it can be a problem?
  2. Jadie's Avatar
    I have started using it with my emb work it seems to be great! My sis has used it for years and has never had a problem.
    They say the prob is that it will gum up your machine needle.
  3. LeslieFrost's Avatar
    I love this stuff! Much better than another spray baste I tried, Sullivans. I have not had any problems with it. I think that any spray baste will give you problems if you use it too heavily. The trick is to have a light hand.
  4. crafterrn1's Avatar
    I also love 505 spray. Do not over spray as it could gum up the needle a little. I use this spray for hand and machine quilting! Luann
  5. annies-best's Avatar
    it does gum up the needle if you use it often. I clean my needle with a drop of remover for sticky labels and such get it in the cleaning dept of wally world
  6. Christine-'s Avatar
    I've used 505 as well as KK100. If you spray it lightly once, wait a few seconds and spray lightly a second time you won't run the risk of using too much. I've never had a problem with either one.

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