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  1. Weekend's Here

    by , 02-24-2012 at 03:30 PM (A Fabric Obsession)
    This week I managed to cut all my pieces for my tulip quilt. I think it will be for me. I love my fabrics, I tried to pick stuff that reminded me of calicos my grandmas would use. Hopefully I make some time to work on it. I also have my pineapples top on the frame, and have one row left to tie. I got a new Quick Quilts in the mail today, looks like a nice night to curl up on the couch and hope my sore throat goes away soon.
  2. Next Project- Tulips!

    by , 02-13-2012 at 04:02 PM (A Fabric Obsession)
    Is it too early for spring flowers? I think I will do this as a queen quilt for myself. This was my practice block.
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  3. Operation: Use More Flannel

    by , 01-27-2012 at 01:44 PM (A Fabric Obsession)
    So far I am making a decent dent in my flannel supply. I have loaded up on it the past 2 Black Fridays at JoAnn's and the shelf I keep it on has very little room. I made a Curious George blanket for my son, a baby top, and last night I started another baby top. I have again this year decided to track how much fabric I buy and use. Last year I ended negative, meaning I used more than I bought. Here are a few pics of the latest projects.
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  4. Need Pattern Ideas

    by , 01-16-2012 at 06:51 AM (A Fabric Obsession)
    I am cleaning the closet on my day off, and need pattern ideas for my surplus of scraps. I also have lots of little pieces that I could use to stuff something. Any one have suggestions?
  5. My finished Etsy Order

    by , 01-14-2012 at 07:15 AM (A Fabric Obsession)
    I've been on a bit of a geese binge lately. No more for a while, I promise. I made a pillow case to match the quilt. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	302990 I'm not sure what project I want to tackle next. I have strips cut to make a queen zig-zag top, but I have also noticed how messy my closet is getting. I have a cabinet with my cuts of fabric, but the closet is home to the left over pieces of past projects. Are people interested in other people's scraps? I already took 4 ...
  6. Quilting the Sad Out

    by , 01-07-2012 at 07:10 PM (A Fabric Obsession)
    This was a week I had been dreading since early November when my sister-in-law found out that the little girl growing inside her belly was not going to live long after birth. Monday she sent a message that she was going to be induced, and that there would be a service to follow. Thursday morning, my niece passed. No matter how much you think you can prepare, it's not enough. To cope, the sewing machine has been running a lot. I got a request on my etsy shop for a twin sized quilt for the lady's ...
  7. My First Flying Geese Quilt

    by , 01-02-2012 at 07:11 PM (A Fabric Obsession)
    I finished my first regular flying geese quilt today. I really like it.
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    Now I just have to decide if I am going to gift it or sell it on my esty site.
  8. Need Help Already

    by , 12-31-2011 at 11:00 AM (A Fabric Obsession)
    My first post, the picture is huge. Anyone know how I can make that much smaller?
  9. Yay! A Quilting board!

    by , 12-31-2011 at 10:53 AM (A Fabric Obsession)
    I was very excited to find a quilting board/blog site. I had been posting on blogspot, but with very limited quilters finding my posts. I love hearing what others think of my projects, and look for advice on some. I come from a long line of quilters, but have learned most of what I know on my own. This is one of the 3 projects I have going right now. I have it on my frame to tie, I started a flying geese baby top, and have another baby quilt waiting to get the edges finished. Hopefully, I can ...

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