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by , 02-19-2014 at 06:59 PM (474 Views)
I've been away awhile and don't get online much here anymore. I know that I should, but, as we all know....Life has a way of interrupting lots of things. Oh well.

I have another DGS that will be a year old the end of March. (The same day as our DGD) That makes four now...3 boys and one girl.

I no longer am able to work, but still putter with quilting so I guess that is good.

As I am sure that others feel the same way...I am ready for spring and nice warm weather. The forecast doesn't look too promising for tomorrow as they are not sure which way the storm will go. If it goes to the north we will have freezing rain, if it comes sout, we will have a blizzard again. I complain since the past 2 days have been around 40F and melted lots of snow and made LOTS of mud for the furbabies to track in LOL Oh well...gotta love the babies whether they be 4 legged or 2!

Hope that all have a good day tomorrow
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