About my first offical quilt

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by , 07-19-2012 at 05:35 PM (564 Views)
I can not believe that I am actually making a quilt for myself to use at re-enactments.
I went through my stash of fabric from making dresses and seen what fabric that I have left to make a quilt, most pieces were too small to use. I did find some fabric, then I had to get a way to cut the fabric into nice squares. I did buy some squares to add some variety to the squares.
So I am looking at these squares, I decided to use 4" squares to make my first quilt. Which sort of works out for me because then I didn't have to buy a big cutting board and ruler.
I knew that I wanted to make one period correct for the 1860s because I always take the current quilt with me and leave my poor hubby without a cover. I also know that I want heavy cotton batting so I can be warm when I am out at events, but I want it light weight to carry around.
I think for the back I am just going to use an old cotton sheet for the back of the quilt. I am still not sure if I am going to put a boarder or not on my quilt.
I am happy with the colors, now that I have 12 rows sewn together. I don't know if there is a wrong way to put together a quilt or not, but this way is working for me. I am doing it all by hand, which is hard for me because of my Fibromyelgia. I am getting hand cramps every night and I am afraid that I am going to get to the point of not being able to hold a needle again.
I don't want to use a machine because that would just be cheating for the time period.
I also got a wooden quilting table two years ago to put a quilt together, thinking with a group of women, one of us will work on a quilt, now there are two of us making a quilt.
I will be out at a fair for 7 long days, so I am hoping to have a place to set up the table and have a "quilting bee" while out there. I am hoping that some people will give quilting together a quilt. I will have chairs, thread, needles and I need to get more thimbles.
I know during the Civil War, the ladies would put a table up for quilting and it was more of just a frame because they had a way that they would be able to pull it up to the ceiling and have that room to also use. They would also bring food and the men would come home from the fields, if not in the War, and play music and dance in the evening. Homes where also used for hospitals in the evenings or all of the time the war was going on.
So, I am hoping to get that "feeling" when I am at the fair for the 7 days. Then I get home for three days and leave for the weekend because it is close to home.
I need to get busy making homemade soap for that event also to sell. So much to do, but can't make the soap in this heat, I am afraid it won't set up right.
Ok, I am done with my first blog ever.
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