Advice needed about old quilt

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by , 10-31-2012 at 08:50 AM (635 Views)
Cleaning out the attic I save it? In need of repair at the very least. The fabric feels almost brittle, disintegrating. Beautiful colors, the backing seems fine.
You folks are my first inquiry...any advice greatly appreciated.

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  1. sueinstitches's Avatar
    From the fabric print looks pretty old, dose it have a lable maybe a date, you could take it to a local Quilt Shop , for some info on how to perserve it.
  2. giquilt's Avatar
    Was it made from silk? If you know what type of fabric that would be a start.
  3. adamae's Avatar
    If, indeed, it is silk, the restoration may not be feasible. If you have no provenance, the collector value is not as great. Is there a sentimental value to you? Keeping as is may be your best option. But if you want to see it display it effectively I might suggest selecting a good portion and cut and place in frame with as much history about it either on the front or back. Your best option, however, is a reputable quilt appraiser. There is an organization of quilt appraisers. Google it. Do not send it off, be present with the appraiser.
    I realize this is late to your post, but maybe you will see it. My advice is based on having been an antique dealer and buying and selling old quilts.
    Wish you well.

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