All 23 EQ PDF Lessons by Rhonda

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by , 05-16-2014 at 12:56 PM (1567 Views)
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I was asked if I had all the EQ lessons posted in PDF form. I thought I had but couldn't find anything but a partial list.

So here are all 23 PDFs for my EQ lessons
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  1. nancia's Avatar
    Rhonda, were you able to get all 23 on the 10 weeks?
  2. Rhonda's Avatar
    Nancia if I remember right you should be able to look lower on that thread and you'll find the others. I'll go check to be sure tho.
  3. Rhonda's Avatar
    I have them all on a page in my blog. You can find them all there in one place. https://www.quiltingboard.com/blog5639-custom12.html

    If you scroll down on the 23 PDFs thread you will find all 23 of them. If you have any trouble just send me a pm and I'll help you.
  4. currey's Avatar
    Thank you so much Rhonda for taking the time to teach EQ. I have tried several of your tutorials and just love them. It's a lot more fun with direction.

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