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by , 08-14-2012 at 02:49 PM (443 Views)
Well, I only have a few more rows to do to finish up my quilt. I am not understanding why my second set of 12 x 24s are not matching up. I stopped trying to figure it out and I had just cut off the extra. I then take the quilt outside to put the two sections together and the second section was one block too small! I counted them out and there were 24 squares, so I just added another square and it is just a little bigger than the first section. I am so puzzled by this.
So I am just moving on to the next set and I think I only need 7 more rows to finish my quilt to be big enough for my king size bed with it over the sides a little bit.
I am just so puzzled on the squares thing not working out, but I did order 4" squares from someone else and I am now wondering if they just were not the right size. I know I will only order from one person on Yardsellar from now on.
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