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by , 04-19-2012 at 01:18 AM (745 Views)
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As much as I have going on in my life right at this moment, I need to take some time out for a moment.

A friend of mine's son has been really sick as of late. He was found to have a brain tumor, and he is only ten months old. His name is Matthew. He had surgery to remove the tumor, which was very risky but he pulled through. He came home from the hospital a few days ago, or I should say they returned to the Ronald McDonald House for his recovery. As of this evening, he was readmitted because of infection.

All I'm asking for is for some prayers to be said for him and his family, they could really use them. He is so young and we want to see him grow up! Thank you!
I thought I'd start a blog on here, too... I see so many that have and it seems like the only way to change the title of my PDA!

Anyways, please pray for little Matthew! Thank you so much!
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  1. Jingle's Avatar
    I will certainly say a prayer for Matthew. What a shame.
  2. DonnaQuilts's Avatar
    Our prayers go out for Matthew. Life isn't fair for sure.
    Our guild makes a quilt for the auction in benefit of Ronald McDonald House.
    This year it brought $6,000. It is good for the family to have a place to stay near the hospital. If all the quilt guilds would do this, then more families could stay with the patient and provide needed support without serious expense.
  3. Alu_Rathbone's Avatar
    Thank you, Ladies! I'm going to post an update.

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