AneternalPoets " October Blessing"

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by , 11-01-2011 at 07:44 PM (709 Views)
Not knowing where , or if my old posts will show up ( because I haven't found them all ! ) , i will give a brief synopsis of who this little Ollie man is in these photos..
He is a just turned 1 year old on Oct. 18, who was born without optic nerves in his little blue eyes. He is sightless, although the extent of it will not be known until he can talk , and understand questions.

He was also born with other disablities, from what the neurologist believes, a stroke suffered while in his mommy's ( Liz ) tummy.. He has no use, though he has feeling, in his right hand/arm, and leg.. He , due to the disablity, and the blindess, is not able to sit up yet, and we will not know if he will be able to yet. Ollie is well loved, very much a happy little guy when he is getting his way, lol.. He , has had 2 major brain surgeries already, because of other neurological issues unrelated to the blindness.

But thru all these challenges, Ollie man has continued to surprise us with his depth of laughter, and his LOVE, love , love of music.. even his Mema's off key singing of " You are my Sunshine" which is he, and my, recognition song every time I see him, or tend to him. HE knows my voice, and he knows the song.. and we laugh, and dance and even take a good snuggle together and talk about quilting, and his aunts, and uncles here on the quilt board.. Many of you, whom he will have a special place in his heart because of the love you sent to complete that sensory quilt I made from your fabric pieces, and for Charisma , up in Washington state ( Hi neighbor from here in Oregon! ), who machine quilted it for Ollie, and our son , and Liz.. thats the scoop, so now that I figured out how to attach more of Ollie in photos, be on the look out for more updates at any given time..Blessings to you all!
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I wanted to say I had our not so little, Ollie today for a little while. Mema missed him, and he whined, and pleaded, and begged his mommy to bring him over to his mema's house to have a play date.. She did..Yeah for me and Ollie!

I have some new photos, too that I am trying to figure out how to post here on the blog.. ackkkk, it's not letting me attach them the first two times.. So , maybe that charm is waiting here on the third time around.. wish me luck.. and if you dont see our little guys cute little face here, send me a PM if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, and why they wont show up on my page here.. Here .NOT attaching this third time either..
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Cute pictures!!!
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  1. aneternalpoet's Avatar
    I don't get it.. this layout for a blog is not easy for me.. I dont need any more gray hair, thank you very much, and to know where my old QB Ollie posts are, well, I dont know how to get them .. Call me a computer whiner today.. i answer to it, and not just with thenew QB board layout stuff.. It must not be meant for me to post anything more here about Ollie, and his place in our heart as a family - I don't do good with figuring out what all this means.. And to still not have the ability to post his new photos as an attachment just is frustrating to me.

    Unless someone is able to help me further to find help, I wont be able to post much else wtih photos.. Just isn't user friendly, though the developers, and the moderators are doing the best they can. My philosophy has always been, " if change is as easy as the previous, then shoot for the stars, but if not... dont go to the trouble".. this is trouble for me.. simple as that. Grr, now I got a message when posting it, i have to add 10 characters, since when is there a certain amount of words/ letters to post a blog.. DO NOT LIKE THIS today... ( see the word TODAY!) Tomorrow, tomorrow, only a day away...
  2. Jim's Gem's Avatar
    I see you photo's!!! To be able to post photo's them must be 2mb or smaller. The one's from my camera are larger. I will have to resize any photo that I want to post. Give this some time Karen. They are still working out the bugs.
  3. aneternalpoet's Avatar
    I've heard from Patrice to resize, which I finally learned how to do. Now, to figure out how to keep new updates in Aneternalpoet's Oct Blessing blog, and not something, or somewhere else.. Learning is hard work, lol.. Hope you are feeling better, sweet Gayle.
  4. Up North's Avatar
    He is getting so big and is the cutest little guy I have ever seen!!
  5. aneternalpoet's Avatar
    He is a cutie, I have to admit.. he just charms everyone that meets him, even if he doesnt know he is.. those little teeth are keeping everyone hopping though, poor little mouth is so swollen yet again, with another tooth on bottom.. so almost 3 on bottom, 4 on top.. watch out for fingers!
  6. onaemtnest's Avatar
    Ah, Ollie has stolen his Mema's heart, that is so obvious. Time cuddled in your arms is so important to him and to you. I relate to the out of tune singing! Me too!!!! But what singing imparts to those around us, even if off tune, especially when they are in our arms is that your joy overwhelms your soul just to be with them.

    What precious pictures of your sweet Ollie, I have a soft spot for little red heads and I love the 'work' boots.
  7. aneternalpoet's Avatar
    Onaemtnest - You have that right, that little guy has stolen his Mema's heart for sure..He is just the little light of the world on both good, and bad days.. I dont know if you have seen the other posts that I can't figure out why they aren't attached to the origional Aneternalpoet's Oct. Blessings, but I have other photos/ updates on there about Ollie, and his newest medical stuff that will be going on in a few weeks.. I am so not liking all the time, this new format, so not user friendly on the old PDA's, versus this " Blog" style.. Thank you.
  8. BarbM32's Avatar
    You know today I have been thinking to myself, whining more or less about all the so called problems in my life. Then I read your posts and I realize God is so good to me and mine so why am I whining even to myself. Do any of you remember the old saying pertaining to " walking in another persons shoes". You make me realize for all my difficulties I do not want to trade shoes.
    Your little Ollie is so precious. I do hope you will keep all of us informed as he continues to grow. Is it out-of-line for me to ask where I can send him get well cards and a little Christmas something.

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