Another trip to the Surgical suite for Ollie-man..

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by , 11-22-2011 at 12:21 PM (1054 Views)
Update Nov. 29.. Ollie is here for a few hours today while Liz is taking care of some medical appts for Ollie in the next go round of surgical procedures. Today, my little Ollie man is not feeling good, and from the hitting of his head, with his tiny fist, he is in pain or at least, there is pressure building up as the Neurologist had explained. It breaks my heart in knowing he might be in pain.. But, he was standing with my help ( still not able to sit, or stand on his own ), and we did have a good time earlier playing tickle me Ollie.. He loves, loves, loves being tickled under his chin, and his new little laugh is hysterical to listen to. I made a video of our son doing that with him on our way home from the hospital in Portland, but the camera won't let me send it out to anyone, due to it being to long I guess. I will keep it though, when he is in surgery next week, just reminding us that he will feel MUCH better when they insert the shunts into his brain.

I am including a photo of him today with his favorite blanket that AgapeStitches ( Michelle ) made for him .Name:  048.JPG
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Just wanted all of Ollie's quilting angels, whomever you are, to know that he will be going back to surgery in 2 weeks.. His brain situation we found out yesterday is doubled in size, and needs to be drained with the help of shunts sewn into two sections of his brain. Knocking on wood, he will get to come home after wards in a few days, if he doenst spike a fever , or have other complications like last time.
Some of you all might know the name Ricky Tims, a world renowned quilter/ teacher/ musican, and my friend.. He told me this morning in an email the following quote from his beloved Granny.. It just warmed my spirit today, and wanted to share it with you when the hard times might bring you discouragement like my life has at the moment..
From Ricky Tims as he wrote me this morning :

"Granny always said "there ain't nuthin' ever happened what couldn't have been worse."

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  1. milady's Avatar
    I hope he will be ok. have enjoyed some of his videos very much, prayers, milady
  2. aneternalpoet's Avatar
    Milady, the little guy is such a trooper, and though alot of the things that he has to deal with , in blood drawing, and such, makes him a tad bit scared, and angry, once the tears are gone, and his bottle is in his hands, he is ready to get back to being the strong little guy he is. This will be a good thing, at least this is what his mommy and daddy have heard from the neurosurgeon. Thank you..
  3. zkosh's Avatar
    Sending prayers, hugs, and thanks for your message letting me know where to look for updates. I pray that the surgery will go well and improve things for little Ollie.
  4. AgapeStitches's Avatar
    Oh Karen I just saw this post and saw the pics of Ollie...will be praying for him as he continues to grow thru his struggles that he will always triumph!
    Lots of love and hugs for all of you!

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