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Another Vintage Machine

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by , 11-25-2011 at 01:40 PM (790 Views)
My DD came over with her DH and good friend and we had lunch together today. DD made lasagna and garlic bread, I made salad and chocolate cake. We also had wine. Yummy. DD brought over the sewing machine that belonged to her grandmother who passed away earlier this month. It's a Domestic in a cabinet. The cabinet is a little iffy but still standing and the machines sounds great. I plugged it in and just pressed the foot pedal to see if it would run and it's nice and quiet. DD didn't have enough room at her house for the machine so she brought it here to live with me and my other machines. The machine needs a little cleaning up but she looks great and she has lots of feet. I have to get her serial number and do some research. I would love to get a manual for DD so she can use her.

I can't believe that once I started getting more interested in quilting, how sewing machines just kept popping up from people I know and I became their caretaker. It's wonderful. I have two machines from friends that belonged to their mothers that I cherish. It's so special to be able to give new life to machines that have been idle.

I'm really enjoying my holiday weekend. I hope everyone is having fun.

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  1. BarbM32's Avatar
    lucky for you to have such good friends

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