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by , 07-23-2019 at 07:09 AM (116 Views)
Hello Its been a long time since I have been here. I could use some advice from all of you out there. I recently got a slightly used Brothers SE400 Sewing and embroidery machine.It comes with the medium hoop (4" x 4").
I have been researching threads and stabilizers. I have a rather large collection of Connecting threads egyptian cotton thread but it is 50 weight 3 strand. What I am reading says that to embroider I should use a 40 weight 2 strand but not cotton. I looked at the Simthread that Brothers recommends. What I would like to know is: Has anyone out there used this thread in an embroidery/sewing machine machine- Were you embroidering a pattern from a card or did you use this for raw edge applique?
I am a big fan of Accuquilt dies and have many pieces cut out and they have heat and bond lite on the backs. I want to start to play with this but don't know which threads I should actually use for doing the applique-
Then we go into stabilizers- I love the idea of using coffee filter and dryer sheet but should those be on everything I want to applique- I am thinking Yes no matter what. Your thoughts please- I also have freezer paper -would love all input and results if anyone will help me out.
thank you for reading and I will look forward to any information that you are willing to share with me. Have a blessed day.
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  1. PatriceJ's Avatar
    i often use the 50wt connecting threads cotton when i am using my embroidery machine to do the quilting.
    i suspect that the cotton would also work for blanket stitch applique. not sure about satin stitch because i've never tried it.
    if i am doing standard embroidery (such as flowers, or anything filled in) i use 40wt polyester or 30wt rayon.
    i get most of my poly emb thread from
    floriani looks really nice, too, but is much more expensive. i will indulge in that only for very special projects.
    there are so many different types and brands of stabilizers on the market i hesitate to make any recommendations. Pellon is always a reliable brand no matter which type you need. unless you can afford to experiment with other brands (some of which will save you money, some will waste your money) i'd stick with that.
  2. Dayamoon's Avatar
    Thank you for your information. I can use all the input and knowledge I can find.

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