AQS show in Des Moines has completely knocked me out!

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by , 10-03-2013 at 10:00 PM (650 Views)
No! Seriously--the quilts where just breathtaking--kept muttering to myself "look at that! WOW!"--and I wore out before I even saw everything!
Couldn't get any buddies to go with me for the first 2 days of the EVENT--I wanted to take a couple of long arm classes and couldn't be there on Friday-Sunday due to home stuff. So drove the 3 hours to DM by myself and stayed withing a block of the show. Even the hotel was a hoot! Can you imagine an entire hotel filled with quilters (and a handful of spouses)? It was like being some place where everyone is suddenly talking your language and just talking to complete strangers cause you have so much in common!
Classes were awesome--FMQ with Wiggle room with Sally Terry and Feathers-Fun and Formal with Mryna Ficken. Both just have a ton of energy and truly inspire you to cut lose on the long arm. And I realize I need to constantly have that sketch pad out when I'm "watching" tv! Have to log out--have 2 gaint bags of books, fabric and other goodies to dig through andd touch before I go to bed tonight! And sometime tomorrow I need to cut out a quilt to honor a WWII vet, and then start a T-shirt quilt, finish the guild newsletter and do more essential "marketing" for my newly minted long arm business (also took a class with Sally Terry on that subject). Definitely will go back!
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