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Through the right front window of the Brush Art Gallery. Doing a happy dance. We drew lots for placement and some of the other artists worried that it would look like a quilt show. I thought that was a good thing.
I moved into the studio in April and settled in. I was busy trying to keep up with items I supply to the shop at the quilt museum. The first artists' meeting I attended was in May where I learned that our work was to be in the gallery show the middle of June. It was a huge scramble! The rooster is one of two done in these colors and satin stitched to the background. I then stapled it to a 48" 48" canvas. I am planning on finishing the other rooster with borders of eggs and hens and quilting it. The bunnies were almost finished. When the show is over, they will need more quilting and the binding will need to be finished. Since I didn't have time to hand stitch it to the back I used machine stitching with water soluble thread in the binding. When the show is over I will wash the thread out and stitch the binding to the back by hand.

I was shocked to learn that the only other quilter in our small group is a traditional quilter who belongs to the quilt police! Little tidbits like "is that from a pattern, it should be an original, did your sister do your quilting instead of you, that piece (on canvas) doesn't even have any quilting" and others came as a surprise in an art gallery environment. It sure keeps life interesting!

The next show is in September so maybe this time I will have something ready and finished on time! I am thinking about an ocean theme like a seascape or giant sea turtle or maybe boats. While I work on the patterns I found an interesting immigrant rendering which I got permission to use and it needs to be done now while the time is right.
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  1. Kelsie's Avatar
    Lovely work.
  2. KellyPA's Avatar
    I love the bunny and veggies quilt!!!!!

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