Assembling Quilt with Sashing and corner stones

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by , 03-03-2012 at 04:58 AM (2010 Views)
Yesterday I did a video about sashing and cornerstones and an easier way to make it happen. Today my goal is to get it up on youtube so I can post a link for all to see. Many of you probably already know the technique, but on Wednesday I got a quilt in to work on that needed this help, so I know there are people out there who can benefit from it. Happy Stitching
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  1. judykay's Avatar
    Where can I view the video? For some reason I can never figure out the corner stones without a pattern and would be interested in your video.

  2. homebody323's Avatar
    We have a little editing to do on it, my cat Mr.Tee decided to help. I'll see that you get notified when I put it up. Thanks for responding.
  3. Diinky's Avatar
    I to would like to see your tutorial. [email protected]
  4. homebody323's Avatar
    I gave up on the video, just couldn't make it easy to understand so I made up a tutorial that is a pdf. file. Figuring out how to post it.

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