Attaching the units Part I

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Going to share a problem with you that I ran into on my first attempt of attaching squares on my other BOM quilt. One of my squares that I quilted the top squared pulled in some because I forgot lengthen my machine stitch for quilting instead I had been doing PP and I was using smaller stitching. So I figured if I went a head an squared up the block to match the other blocks at 12.5 I would be ok. Now I had about a 1/4 of an inch batting showing all the way around a few places a tad bit more in some. " So Im thinking to myself that the sashing will cover up my goof. Well for the most part it did. However there was still some batting that showed through I ended up pulling out my stitches (frogging) and had to rework my square. So I would recommend before you even start attaching your units if you have any batting showing you trim all of your squares down so they are the same size and there is no batting showing and don't forget to sew less than a 1/4" around the edges to help secure your quilted stitches. Just a thought and experience I wanted to share.

To help prevent the quilted block from unraveling sew a less than 1/4" inch seam all the way around the block.

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Now I am ready to attach my Sashing pieces to the first unit block. This partial tutorial I am only going to discuss how to attach the sashing to the first unit. This variation will give you a half an inch of sashing showing between the blocks. In a later variation we will cover step by step how to accommodate wider sashing’s using this technique.

OPTION: You can sew the sashing strips on in two steps or one. I am going to show you how to sew it in one step.

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First step take your top sashing piece and lay it right sides together on the top edge of your block side that you will be attaching. Next take your folded 1-3/4” bottom sashing piece and line up the raw edges with the backside edge of the block you are attaching.
Use pins to hold the strips in place.

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Now sew down the edge of the block with a ¼’ seam it is really important to be right on with your ¼’ seam.

**** tips: Does your walker foot have a marked ¼’ seam, if not you can measure it and put a piece of masking tape on your sewing machine to help guide you.

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Size:  109.3 KB As you can see in the picture the front side now has the sashing piece with a raw edge.

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Size:  77.8 KB The backside has a finished folded edge.

Press open the front raw edge sashing piece to prepare for the upcoming steps in a following post.
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    Your work looks beautiful, perfect stitching.

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