Automatic Reverse

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by , 07-20-2013 at 01:08 PM (998 Views)
What machines have an automatic reverse that doesn't have to be held down while stitching?
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  1. Quilting Diva. SusieQ's Avatar
    I have 2 high end machines and they both have to have the reverse held down while stitching. Don't know of any that have that.
  2. PWhack's Avatar
    I have the Bernina 440 QE and if you push and hold reverse, it will stay on. I love that feature.
  3. mardil's Avatar
    I have an older Pfaff. All I do is push the reverse button and doesn't stop until I push the button again to get it going forward again. It's the 7570 model but it's not made any longer. Not sure about the newer models but would think that feature would not have changed. Good Luck!

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