Baby Lock Crescendo

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by , 07-29-2013 at 10:02 AM (1259 Views)
Brought the Baby Lock Crescendo sewing machine and didn't realize how big it is so I'm looking for a new sewing table. Does anyone have thoughts on a good airlift sewing table that will fit this machine? All the tables that I keep finding are not long or wide enough for the machine to sit in the airlift dock.

Thanks for your help in trying to get my dining room table.
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  1. Queen Mary's Avatar
    I have almost decided on a Baby Lock Crescendo myself. I am excited and hesitant at the same time. Looked at Janome which I have, Husqvarna and Brother. Fell for the Laser and pointer. love the throat size. Almost there!!!
  2. Sadika's Avatar
    Queen Mary, I'm a real gadget person so the Crescendo is perfect for me. I just have find a new sewing table now. I was in Maryland and came across a sewing machine store and asked what was a good machine for a new quilter. I was shown a couple of different machines but once I sat at the Crescendo and saw all that it could do I know it was for me. However, I did come back home and read all the pros and cons and looked into other machine, I brought the Crescendo
  3. patski's Avatar
    I have the Koala cabinet. Its' 10 years old and looks and feels new. I have the Viking designer SE and it it is quite large
  4. Sadika's Avatar
    Thanks Patski, I'll look into that today.

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