Baby Quilt directions

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by , 08-20-2019 at 03:58 PM (82 Views)
My style is taking a quilt without a pattern and trying to figure out how I would make it. This I found online without a pattern and this is how I would make it.

White fabric for sashings/borders = 1 5/8yd
outer color border = .25yd

On the 5.5" square, sew a 1.5" x 5.5" strip to each side. Then sew a 1.5" x 7.5" strip to the top and bottom to form a 7.5" square.

I might try a couple strip sets to go around the squares. There are 8 1.5" strips total of all four colors. You would need a W/C/W/C/W/C/W for the sides of each block and a C/W/C/W/C/W/C/W/C for the top and bottom of each block.

For those interested in seeing my thought process, I've put it here.
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  1. Jgbrunet's Avatar
    Thank you so much for making the pattern.

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