Back Home, Again!

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by , 05-29-2012 at 09:45 PM (775 Views)
Well, I am back home again. My husband and I spent the holiday weekend at our beach house. I was able to spend today quilting with my friends in town (before heading back to the Valley).

I am new to longarm quilting and they have been keeping me supplied with quilts to practice on. I returned one to them, was thinking how great it was to be down to five and then they send another one home with me.

I am heading back over in a few days and my goal is to get one quilt per day done to take back over to them. I am rapidly getting behind because I haven't been home to work on any.

I made a small quilt from some flannel samples that I picked up - there is quite a stack of it left so will have to find some more ideas on what to make from them. I probably have enough left to make four or five more quilts. My biggest problem will be backs - guess I will be shopping for a generic flannel to use on the backs so I can save the pretty stuff for the quilt tops.

It is almost 11pm here and it has been a long, busy day so I am heading off to bed.

Good night
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