Basic FMQ Designs

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by , 07-14-2014 at 05:25 PM (790 Views)
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Here are some pictures of practice sandwiches I did to use as teaching samples with m 4-H group. This is not exactly a tutorial, but I didn't think it really fit anywhere else, and hopefully some will find it useful. Our group of 4-H'rs got together yesterday and they had a blast trying out different designs. I thought you all might be interested in seeing what you can do with a few simple shapes.

For each shape I'm showing a closeup and then a larger view of the whole sample piece.

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"S" Shapes
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  1. busynana's Avatar
    WOW, Your 4-H group is much more advanced than mine. I have 12 girls. The older 6 want to learn to quilt. we are just starting with patchwork quilts and tying the corners. What state are you in? If close enough would love to visit your fair so the club could see some wonderful projects. we are in NJ

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