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Beach Theme Quilt

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by , 10-04-2012 at 09:03 AM (1736 Views)
This is a quilt I just made for my sister in Texas.Name:  IMG_0604.JPG
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Size:  719.9 KBName:  Cindy's Quilt.JPG
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  1. batikmystique's Avatar
    LOVE IT!!! I'm from Texas and currently living in the great Lone Star State. If there were an official state shoe, it would have to be the cowboy boot of course...but the flip flop would be second!!! EVERYONE seems to wear them no matter what season, or what city. We do have some semblance of winter here with freezing temps and it never fails that you will see someone wearing the Texas "go to" choice for footwear...the beloved flip flop. Anyway, you have a fun quilt there! One of these days I will make one. :-)

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