Beads of Courage bags

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by , 05-17-2014 at 06:55 AM (1169 Views)
Does anyone else make these? I can't seem to get labels and am wondering if anyone else has had this problem??
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  1. laynak's Avatar
    What is a Beads of Courage bag? Can you provide a photo &/or instructions? It sounds interesting.
  2. patski's Avatar
    you can go on line to BeadsofCourage and get the info, these bags are given to children with cancer or other serious illnesses, when they get a blood test or chemo or other tests they get a "bead" to put in the bag for being brave. It is a work of love but they are easy to make using just a fat quarter! The hospital all over the US are using them
  3. judy363905's Avatar
    That is Just checked there is a form there I am considering getting involved in this program also /)

    Judy in Phx, AZ
  4. judy363905's Avatar
    Meant to type . Opps

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