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by , 11-10-2012 at 07:44 PM (755 Views)
Looking for advice. I'm making a king size quilt, and wondering what is the best way to quilt it. I have a regular sewing machine - no long arm, no drop feeds. I plan to stitch in the ditch rather than quilting a design on the blocks. What would you all suggest -- put the whole quilt top together and quilt by hand? or "quilt as you go" in strips of blocks -- and machine stitch in the ditch? I fear that doing this by hand will take me YEARS, and yet, I'm not sure the quilt as you go method will go together nicely. Thanks for any advice you all have. Greatly appreciated!
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  1. carolaug's Avatar
    I am planning on making a King Size Quilt but I will be making mine a rag quilt. I think that would be the easiest. You can flip the quilt over and not see the raggy side.
  2. quiltyladytoo's Avatar
    I have made a king size quilt which I did quilt as you go. It looks good on the front, but I'm never happy with the back on a quilt as you go project.
  3. Cheryls Fabric Garden's Avatar
    It would be very difficult for you to quilt this on your machine since it is so big. You may be better off to take it to someone who does long arm quilting and have them do it for you. I think you will like the results.
  4. Jmahon69's Avatar
    Thank you for your advice. I appreciate your ideas.
  5. theandersonhouse's Avatar
    My sister has done several quilt as you go and they are great. I plan to try them myself. I always thought it would take forever to quilt a king size but if you stay steady it goes pretty fast

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