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by , 02-10-2013 at 10:10 AM (905 Views)
Help...I was piecing my late mother's cross stitch into a wedding gift for my neice. I cut the cross stitch fabric a little short and need to add some of the aida cloth back on. I was able to do that with the wonder under, but would like to seal the aida fabric with some fabric glue that won't discolor the fabric. What is the best glue for this? Thanks
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  1. PatriceJ's Avatar
    Liquid Stitch dries clear and is easy to apply.
    June Tailor brand Fray Block is not a glue but might also meet your needs.

    both products are washable but if the project is destined for the laundry i recommend you reinforce the join by adding a few rows of decorative cross stitches after applying either a light bit of glue or fray block. otherwise the join line will never be completely invisible.
  2. 1Valerie's Avatar
    I would suggest that you put Fray Stop by Yarn Tree, P. O. Box 724 Ames, IA 50010 to stop the edges from fraying. Another thing that I have found that is very helpful is OK To Wash It by Aleene's. I have not had any problems with either option. Hope this helps.
  3. ecmlbrant's Avatar
    Thanks for the help

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