Big Mistake!!

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by , 11-17-2011 at 11:37 AM (916 Views)
I was so excited to have enough scrappy blocks cut to start my new quilt. I sewed 40 blocks together last night, and I was very happy with my progress. This morning, I noticed I had a huge brain fart last night, and I squared up all 40 blocks incorrectly. I must have been either too tired or too antsy last night.
Now, to start all over....
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  1. scowlkat's Avatar
    Boy have I been there and done that! Take a deep breath and go at it again.
  2. Bearpawquilter's Avatar
    You'll find a way to use them when you stop being mad at them and yourself. Don't know the size but maybe sash them and make a lap quilt for a charity. Lots of places out there for it to go to.

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