Black, White, Hot Pink Baby Quilt

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by , 03-09-2013 at 01:20 PM (2527 Views)
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Hi! My husband recently reminded me I hadn't made a baby quilt for a co-worker's new baby. He mentioned it in front of the co-worker. I was really looking forward to not having to make any baby quilts right now and working on WIP's for a while...oh well...there when that idea! I casually asked the guy what colors they did the baby's room in (she's about 4 months old). He said black and hot pink...I'm a scrappy kind of gal so I headed over to Pinterest to see if any black/hot pink quilt combos caught my eye. I found a cute scrappy black/white with pink flowers appliqued to it. I tweaked it a bit. I made less flowers and mine are brighter pink. She did a white outerborder and then pink binding and it just didn't "pop" enough for me. I think I will do simple crosshatching for the quilting, outline the flowers and stitch in the ditch on the borders. I hope they like it...Here's a picture . Thanks for looking!
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    I think that you did a wonderful job on it. I like black and whit prints, but the hot pink flowers are perfect. I really like your ideas of the way that you plan to quilt it, too. Don't you just love when we are volunteered for things that take more time and effort than the person who volunteered you realize. On the other hand you could always rub it in that you worked soo hard and long to get it done so that that person doesn't end up with egg on their face when you don't have the time to complete the quilt as a gift from ya'll.

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