blew out my knee and can't get to the sewing room!

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by , 02-03-2013 at 02:43 PM (1078 Views)
I'm totally bummed right now! Yesterday I blew out my knee walking out of the LQS(at least this was AFTER a wonderful lunch with friends and a quick peak of some gorgeous materials) and while I went back to the Guild "advanced" class to do my first harder block, I spent 4 hr. at ER last night. Sat night at the ER of a trauma hospital gave my DH tons of material for his novels, but I was bored silly! So now I'm in a leg immobilizer and on crutches (pretty shakey too) and can't get up to sewing room!

This last 3 months have been hard to find sewing time--my Mom was ill and passed right before Christmas, we've been settling the estate and selling a house, and I just haven't gotten to projects that I've planned, like the lapquilt for DIL's b-day in March. Thinking I'll go upstairs (and down again) on my rear! DH is at a Super Bowl party so no one to tell me this is crazy idea!
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  1. PhDQuilter's Avatar
    OUCH! You have really had a rough few months. Your plan sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Only crazy if you go up the stairs before you figure out how you are going to stand up once you are up there, I know this from personal experience. Just take your cell phone with you...the other thing I forgot. Otherwise, sewing is therapy and therefore good for you!
  2. CarolinaCottonCompany's Avatar
    Hope you made it safely! I had a knee out for months... hope it heals perfectly for you!
  3. Monroe's Avatar
    Hopefully the rest of the year will be much less eventful! Be careful you don't slip and bounce all the way down on your tailbone as I've done. Keep moving your foot and flexing your calf to keep the circulation going. Wearing an over the shoulder bag is great for carrying water, a book, and snack. PhdQuilter certainly speaks from experience. Getting up from the floor can be difficult! Keep the cell phone with you at all times. I once had an unexpected repeat knee surgery with no weight bearing for 8 weeks just before a Caribbean trip. The private sailboat captain tried to refuse letting me on- But my father in law owned the boat. Ha. Spent the week on my butt or hanging from the ceiling handrails. To go swimming entailed being winched from the boom like a cow- quite embarrassing, but I wasn't going to miss snorkeling with dolphins! I hope you are doing much better by now, no surgery needed, and are able to do some PT.

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