BLOCK magazine patterns listed alphabetically with issue and sizes

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by , 03-03-2019 at 04:01 AM (212 Views)
This document was created and shared by Lucinda Delquatro with permission to share.

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  1. JimsQueenie's Avatar
    Are people able to print these? Do you need to get permission? When I tried to file this chart it is not clear. Is there a reason? Thank you, Vicki
  2. 2dogslady's Avatar
    I tried to open one of the patterns links, but, it did not open. Perhaps I am missing something. Thanks
  3. Barbara Lee's Avatar
    I also can't figure out how to use this great piece of work?
  4. jtapp9's Avatar
    I got it to open in an excel file. It lists the different quilt block patterns and to the far right is the link to YouTube Missouri Star Quilt tutorial that goes with that pattern

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