Bonus day!

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by , 11-08-2011 at 07:46 AM (774 Views)
So I got to take today off from work since we are over staffed and I plan to quilt until noon, visit my parents at lunch and make a nice dinner for the hubby. That is my plan until I stop for a little break and the computer or television work their evil and convince me to take a break until I have wasted my whole day. The TV is my nemesis even though I don't enjoy most of what is on it.
So what distracts you from sewing and what projects do you want to finish before Christmas?
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  1. dublb's Avatar
    This board!!! I think that I'll just check in for a few minuets but then the evening is gone & I haven't done a thing! It's even worse now that I'm trying to figure out the new board!

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